Topic outline

  • Computer Lab

    Welcome to the
    Computer Lab
    Each week classes at every grade level spend 40 minutes or more in the computer lab working on projects, doing research, practicing keyboarding or working on one of the many programs loaded on the computers. Our lab is equipped with 28 PC desktop computers and one eMac (my favorite). Also available to our students are two carts, one with 28 laptop computers that can be taken to classrooms, the other with 28 netbooks.
  • Topic 1


    In kindergarten, students enjoy Jumpstart Advanced Kindergaten, Reader Rabbit Road to Imagination, Kid Pix and activities created on Kidspiration. During the year we visit websites such as PBS Kids and Starfall.

    First graders move on to Reader Rabbit Interactive Reading Journey 2, Numbers Undercover, drawing projects in Kid Pix, Kidspiration and are exposed to word processing and research on the internet. We also have a pattern block program that ties in with their math unit.

    Students in second grade start practicing keyboarding skills with Mavis Beacon. They are introduced to Open Office Impress (presentation program), and learn more about word processing by writing poems and short stories. They use the internet for small research projects, extra math practice and they continue using Kidspiration for various lessons.

    Third grade is the time for bigger research projects and a bigger focus on keyboarding. Students use the internet, Mavis Beacon, word processing, Impress and make charts in Open Office Calc ( spreadsheet program). They write poetry, stories, gather data for charts, practice math and study about other cultures with country reports. Exploring Where & Why about maps is a program that ties in with their geography unit in class.

    In fourth grade we are busy preparing our students for Sakai and beyond. We start the year focused on keyboarding skills by using Mavis Beacon. 4th graders also do several research projects throughout the year. They use Impress for presentations, type up reports and do a series of data gathering and making charts. To strengthen their math skill they use First in Math.

  • Topic 2


    We use a variety of websites that tie in with our curriculum as well as sites for fun learning experiences.